CSP Latest C-store Chain Menu Items

Baltimore, Maryland (February 5, 2024) –

The latest culinary creations from High’s of Baltimore are a Crab Dip Pretzel and two items using sausage gravy.

The pretzel from High’s, a brand of Carroll Independent Fuels, Baltimore, is the result of a strategic partnership with New Market, Maryland-based Trout’s Seafood.

“At High’s, we believe in offering our customers a diverse range of quality, creative food experiences, and the Crab Dip Pretzel is a testament to that commitment,” the company said. “Combining the rich flavors of crab dip with the beloved pretzel, this unique item is set to tantalize taste buds and redefine snack time for our customers.”

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote food diversity and local and regional specialization, High’s has collaborated with Trout’s Seafood on the pretzel.

“The partnership ensures that our customers receive nothing but the finest quality ingredients, maintaining High’s reputation for excellence,” the company said.

High’s of Baltimore Adds Crab Dip Pretzel, More to Menu (cspdailynews.com): CSP Latest C-store Chain Menu Items