High’s Introduces Renewable Fuel at First Location

High’s announced the introduction of lower emissions E85 Flex Fuel and 88 octane to their fuel offerings at their Jessup location (2861 Jessup Road, Jessup MD 20794). This marks the company’s first step in an effort to give customers a larger variety of fuel options and offer more value at the pump. High’s plans to add E85 and 88 octane products to more stores in the future.

“After discussing the potential and the rapidly increasing demand from our customers with Protec Fuel, this was a simple decision.” Said Ben Phelps, Vice President of Business Development. “We are continuously listening to feedback from our customers. Our goal is to grow and efficiently meet our customers’ wants.”

E85, also called “Flex Fuel”, is for use in Flex Fuel vehicles, which make up approximately 10% of the cars on the road in Maryland. They can often be identified with a badge on the trunk, a yellow gas cap or other label. The E in E85 stands for ethanol, the renewable fuel made from plants. All regular, mid and premium grades of gasoline have used 10 ethanol for many years. With 15% ethanol, 88 octane is a cleaner fuel with lower emissions at a value price. All regular unleaded vehicles built since 2001 are EPA certified to use 88 octane. High’s recognized the growing need for this product at their stores and worked with Protec Fuel to fulfill the needs of their customers.

About High’s

In 1928, the High’s brand was born – our ice-cream store chain grew rapidly throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. At one time there were more than 500 locations, making High’s the largest ice-cream store chain in the world!

In 2012, Carroll Independent Fuel Company acquired High’s and began to build off of the strong heritage that everyone knows and loves. Today, we are a chain of 48 convenience stores run by our team of 500 talented individuals.

Our passion to run well operated stores serves as the foundation for our commitment to delight customers. Our goal is to provide our customers the products that they want in a clean, friendly and inviting atmosphere.