Support Flood & Disaster Relief Efforts

The recent flooding has impacted at least 300 homes throughout Ellicott City, Baltimore County and Baltimore City. To help those impacted, we have partnered with the American Red Cross. 

The American Red Cross has set up a Shelter and Disaster Assistance Center in Howard County to aid those whose lives and homes have been disrupted by the rain and floods.

In addition to taking independent customer donations at our stores, High’s will also donate $.10 of every fountain soda purchased to the American Red Cross.  

100% of your donations will go to the American Red Cross. Support their efforts and donate today. 

About High’s

In 1928, the High’s brand was born – our ice-cream store chain grew rapidly throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. At one time there were more than 500 locations, making High’s the largest ice-cream store chain in the world!

In 2012, Carroll Independent Fuel Company acquired High’s and began to build off of the strong heritage that everyone knows and loves. Today, we are a chain of 48 convenience stores run by our team of 500 talented individuals.

Our passion to run well operated stores serves as the foundation for our commitment to delight customers. Our goal is to provide our customers the products that they want in a clean, friendly and inviting atmosphere.